Bioclimatic pergolas: what they are and what advantages they bring

Experience the outdoors at any time of the day and in any weather condition.
If your dream is to have a place to feel in touch with the external environment, relax and enjoy naturethroughout the year, both in summer and in winter, bioclimatic pergolas are the perfect answer to your desire.


What are bioclimatic pergolas?


These innovative roofing systems, in fact, are composed of retractable and adjustable aluminium sunshade blades, which allow you to adjust the brightness and ventilation, recreating ideal conditions inside and guaranteeing a unique mix of well-being and aesthetics.
Depending on your needs, the spaces at your disposal and the place where you want to install this solution, you can choose between an attached pergola, which joins the body of the house, becoming the natural continuation outside the house, or a self-supporting pergola, equipped with four supports, which forms a single and elf contained unit, an island of relaxation within the garden.



What are the advantages of a bioclimatic pergola?


  • It improves the aesthetics and liveability of the house, adding a touch of class and integrating perfectly into the context in which it is inserted.
  • It is a real extra room, which can be furnished as desired and serve as a living room, dining room, solarium or study.
  • It is a guarantee
  • of sustainability: aluminium is an ecological and 100% recyclable material.
  • It ensures significant energy savings: if fitted against a wall, in fact, it protects from the sun’s rays during the summer and guarantees a greater supply of heat on cold winter days.
  • It can be completed with closing systems with curtains or integrated windows to make the most of this outdoor space and provide the right protection.
  • It is the perfect system to enhance gardens, rooftops and terraces: it can be installed quickly and requires very little maintenance.
  • Impronta bioclimatic pergolas:



technology at the service of maximum comfort


In collaboration with Skymatik, Impronta offers a selected range of premium bioclimatic pergolas, high-end products made to measure according to the different needs and requirements of each customer and with a high degree of customization thanks to the wide choice of colours, options and closures. These systems, with modern and functional design, are characterised by slim and minimal lines, whilst at the same time, ensure resistance and robustness thanks to the thick profiles.
The added value of our products? The constant and careful search for the best materials, the most resistant paints, the most performing components and accessories and the most innovative technical-constructive solutions.
Make your pergola unique by customizing it with numerous options and accessories such as LED lights, rapid vertical zip blinds, audio systems and a wide range of sensor accessories that automate the structure.
Furthermore, thanks to the partnership with EMU, a reference brand in the world of outdoor design furniture, the Impronta consultants are at your disposal to help you with the design of the outdoor furnitureof your bioclimatic pergola.



The models available are:
Superb – total aluminium pergola: achievable with single modules up to 7 × 4.6 meters
Linear 2.0 – total aluminium pergola: achievable with single modules up to 7 × 4.6 meters
Sky 2 – total aluminium roofing system with adjustable blades: with modules up to 13 meters

Bioclimatic pergolas: wellness, style and innovation.


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