Design solutions and consistency between inside and outside

Large windows that visually increase the spaces and let natural light into the rooms!
Lots and lots of glass. Really thin profiles.

Today, modern architecture puts home design before new and captivating challenges. In particular, an engaging connection between the internal and external environment is sought after. Thanks to the minimal profiles, our Xtravision Plus fixtures allow you to open up spaces and create bright environments where natural light becomes the protagonist. Quality, materials and large windows perfectly combine the use of natural light with high thermal and acoustic insulation, giving the building an exclusive aesthetic value.
Perchè scegliere gli infissi in alluminio?



New volumes for a functional outdoor space with a distinctive design.
The internal environments of the house and the external spaces become something unique with our bioclimatic pergolas. The adjustable blades are able to transform the outdoor environment into a place to live all year round. Thanks to their clean and elegant design, they succeed in enhancing and embellishing the architecture of the home.
The secret of the adjustable blades?
when rotated in a slightly open position, they create a subtle and pleasant breeze and block direct sunlight; when closed, they shelter from the rain, while the water flows into the integrated downspouts.
What are bioclimatic pergolas and what are the advantages?