Xtravision: the broad vision of a new living comfort

Always at the forefront with its door and window solutions designed for contemporary living, Impronta today represents a reliable partner for imagining and defining the visual and living comfort of your home.

The Xtravision sliding windows by Impronta propose a new concept of aesthetics and lightness, returned through extreme simplicity. The design and minimal profile are designed to offer the maximum width of the window, from which to enjoy the exceptional panoramic view that valorizes this solution and the projects that adopt it.

The comfort of the Xtravision window is therefore the ideal choice to celebrate the intimacy of interior spaces with brightness and protection, projecting inside the vitality of the surrounding environment.

To better understand the potential of this extraordinary window, we shared some questions on the characteristics of Xtravision with Daniele Zampini, our commercial consultant.

What is the distinctive element of this solution?
It can be said that the name itself is representative of its maximum expression. Thanks to the large windows, the Xtravision aluminum windows allow a total view of the outside, hence ‘Xtra’. In addition to the width of the windows, I would say that the second distinctive element of Xtravision is its minimal profile. It integrates smoothly and harmoniously with any style and design identity.

In architecture, Xtravision is one of the most popular products. Why do architects prefer this solution?
Thanks to its formal minimalism, the designer with Xtravision chooses to make the projectual idea the protagonist.

Is it also possible to create a corner solution with Xtravision?
Yes, absolutely and, above all, it can be done in various ways. Not only fixed corners, but also partially or totally opening that allow you to create a continuity between inside and outside.

Many architects would like large windows, where the frame is not visible. So is Impronta’s answer Xtravision?
Xtravision perfectly meets these needs, also thanks to its multiple configurations, to which it is also possible to add solar protection and control systems, such as sunshades.

Xtravision is a broad and authentic vision of contemporary architecture, allowing its maximum expression and a new relationship between living spaces and the surrounding environment.

Preferred for its essential aesthetics and the touch of harmony it arouses in each creation, Xtravision guarantees excellent performance also in the protection and safety of the home. The quality of its windows and the aluminum profile with thermal break also represent a decisive response to atmospheric agents.