Safety in windows and doors: Impronta’s solutions

Nowadays it’s essential to guarantee tranquility and well-being in every part of the house.

For this reason, all Impronta products offer the RC1 safety class as standard, also offering the possibility of strengthening it, on request, with the more performing RC2. The Resistance Class 1, in particular, has mushroom-shaped locking pins and safety strikers on all four corners. In this way the pins remain in their position on the frame, thus guaranteeing a tear-proof solution.

In addition to the main security systems, the Impronta’s solutions are designed to insert alarm sensors and anti-intrusion bars, if needed. This attention dedicated to protection can also be found in the possibility of installing anti-burglary, anti-vandalism and anti-crime laminated glass in the frames. Solutions that are often used in banks, post offices or shops, but that can help delay or dissuade any intrusion in the houses too.

In detail, the protection offered by glass depends on two factors: the thickness of the glass and the PVB, that is the intermediate layer that holds the different layers of glass together. Furthermore, the UNI EN 356 standard is useful for classifying laminated glass in 8 different safety levels.

The glasses are therefore among the components of the fixtures that most participate in the safety and protection of the home, together with the hardware and any additional alarm systems or anti-intrusion bars. Blackout systems, on the other hand, can contribute to a perceived greater safety if the choice of their reinforced versions is preferred.

Convinced that, in addition to design, safety is the main feature sought in a frame, Impronta ensures reliable and customizable solutions that contribute to the defense of your spaces.

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