The entrance is a story of continuity between inside and outside. How to customize it?

In a home, design, safety and isolation all pass through the front door. Impronta pays particular attention to ensuring a wide and accurate selection of doors for its customers.
For individuals, professionals and businesses, it may be useful to get to know all the aspects to consider when choosing an entrance solution.
This Focus is dedicated to the entrance and rethinking its value for each home. Here, what we are going to deepen:


Material. To give shape to every project

Safety. To protect indoor environments and their privacy

Isolation. Sensitivity for consumption and energy impact




The front door is the way in which our house looks on the outside and is also an architectural element to ensure harmony in the facade of the house, where the balance between the architecture and all its parts is given by the dialogue between the entrance and the volumes of the structure.
Each entrance must be an opportunity to tell about one’s home. Colors and style are the two initial choices to best express this concept.
Impronta offers a wide choice of solutions, classic but rethought in a more current mood, innovative and customized in the details:


From idea to form: the possibilities of each project


Matter can give life to ideas, just like materials, in this case, can give shape to any project.

Aluminum: an opportunity to give continuity to the architecture and a more contemporary soul at the entrance, ensuring insulation and excellent safety.

Wood: natural character for a more traditional, warm and safe style. Wood also offers optimal thermal insulation.

Customized Solutions: to seek harmony between the various architectural elements with an entrance designed to amaze and welcome.



Isolation. Sensitivity for energy consumption


The entrance door is certainly one of the widest and most used access points to the home, so it must ensure adequate insulation.
In this choice, the materials play a decisive role with their qualities. The thermo-acoustic properties of wood and aluminum, but also glass, are crucial for the insulation of the house.
And speaking of insulation, it is also important to shift attention to the effects on your home: a possible reduction in energy consumption and therefore environmental impact.
A choice of sustainability also concerns the entrance door.



Safety. To protect indoor environments and their privacy

Security is one of the most important aspects of entrance solutions. Its first function is to protect interior spaces, their value and privacy from the outside.
When choosing the entrance, it is good to evaluate the resistance to burglary. Characteristic that is regulated by European standards in classes of belonging, from 1 to 6.
The value grows with increasing resistance and, for homes, classes 3 or 4 are recommended.
In addition, various options such as the peephole, an electronic opening by fingerprint or code, and a defender can improve the security of the door.
These suggestions dedicated to the most relevant aspects of an entrance solution are just a starting point for making your choice. To get all the specifications, you can count on the careful and accurate assistance of Impronta, with a consultant at your disposal.