Why choose aluminium frames

The youngest of metals used in industry, one of the most widespread elements in nature… what material are we talking about? Aluminium. Infinitely reusable and 100% recyclable, it is corrosion resistant and stands out for its remarkable reflective capacity.
Due to its unique characteristics and the great advantages it provides, aluminium is also one of the most used materials in the production of doors and windows, thanks to its high resistance. In fact, this material allows to enlarge the design possibilities and create bigger windows and fixtures with an original shape, without compromising the stability and durability of the window in any way.


Let’s find out together the 4 excellent reasons for choosing aluminium windows!


Customization and design

The windows have become real furnishing elements of the house, which integrate harmoniously with the other features of the home. Since aluminium is a light and very flexible material, it is possible to create design fixtures of any shape and size, which can be customized with infinite combinations of colours and finishes, thus adapting to the style and aesthetic peculiarities of any environment.



Respect for the environment

Installingaluminium frames with thermal break, synonymous of excellent performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, allows you to improve the energy efficiency of the home and, consequently, obtain significant economic savings. Another important reason for choosing aluminium windows is that it is a hyper-sustainable material that can be reused indefinitely to give life to new products every time.


Practicality and durability

Aluminium is a material that is minimally subject to oxidation, with unparalleled mechanical stability. The fixtures made with this metal ensure a very long life and require very little maintenance. Versatile, resistant to wear, corrosion and atmospheric agents, it is easy to clean and maintains its colour unchanged.


Greater luminosity

he sturdiness that distinguishes this metal gives the possibility to create windows with thinner profiles compared to other materials, solutions that allow you to make the most of natural lighting inside the home, creating a harmonious and continuous dialogue between the indoor environment and outdoor spaces. The inhabitants of the house will be able to enjoy not only fixtures with a very beautiful, slim and minimal design, but also of a greater well-being, as shown by numerous studies on the positive effects that natural light has on our bodies.






Impronta was born as a company dealing with the residential sector and, over time, has been able to preserve this essence, also specialising in the aluminium sector, equipping itself with cutting-edge machinery, in line withIndustry 4.0, for the processing and creating of windows, real furnishing accessories for your home.
We are your partner for creating unique architectural solutions: our thermal break windows of the aluminium and minimal collections integrate perfectly with the design of the house, embellishing and giving it an original and timeless style.
The perfect combination of aesthetics, materials and chromaticscreate a harmonious and balanced dialogue with the other elements of the home.


Impronta aluminium doors and windows stand out because they offer as standard series:

  • concealed hinges which give added elegance to the doors and make the frame complete, without any interruption;
  • RC1 burglar-proof system, guarantee of security and protection against malicious intruders;
  • minimal profiles, more natural light, a fundamental ingredient for our psychophysical well-being;
  • seaside treatment, certified by the QUALICOAT quality mark, internationally recognized in the field of painted aluminium used in architecture;
  • thermal break, synonymous with excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation.


Give more value to your home with Impronta aluminium frames!

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