BL House

Concept del progetto

Project: Tronchin & Partners
Material: Aluminum / Glass, Glass

The project in question is situated on a plot of lotted land dating back to the early 1960s, close to the fishing valley in the Venetian lagoon.
The geological situation is represented by a substantially flat terrain with a general slight inclination towards the lowest point identified with the lagoon.
The area in question belongs to the first variegated but homogeneous building settlements facing the lagoon and fishing valleys, consolidated in their urban network.
This is a refurbishment of a building with an external revisitation giving it a lighter effect thanks to large windows and frames with minimal profiles.
The enhancement of the house was achieved thanks to the link between the outer finishing and the surrounding landscape by connecting two volumes joined together by large double-height glass surfaces which automatically lead one’s gaze to glide across and meet the colours of the lagoon in a succession of external-internal-external views.