CA House

Concept del progetto

Project: MAMA Architecture and Engineering Arch. Andrea Pulito
Material: Wood, Wood / Aluminum / Glass

The project involved the renovation and expansion of a building from the early 1900s.
The design choice was to proceed with a timely recovery of the shell of the historical part, generating a sort of dualism between what is conveyed externally and the internal volume determined by the project that has been completely rethought in a contemporary key, from the foundations to the roof.
The desire to obtain additional service areas on the ground floor and a sort of small independent suite on the first floor led to the need to provide for an extension.
The internal connection between the two bodies takes place through a staircase that, starting from the “historical” part, lands on the new building, touching it, without resting on it.
The style chosen for the expanding body is contemporary, the edges are straight, the roof flat, the windows minimal no sill, large and square or small and elongated, pay the utmost attention to the views from the inside, generated all around.

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