Carved stone

Concept del progetto

Project: MZC + Arch. Giuseppe Cangialosi, Mario Marchetti, Fabio Zampiero
Material: Wood / Aluminum - Aluminum

An anonymous disused building has been redeveloped and transformed into a compact building, characterized by the skilful use of window spaces and French windows, a work of art where the connection between the interior and exterior is very effective and harmonious.

Where is the location?
An area just outside the city walls of Treviso, an area characterized by large green spaces and notable gardens.

The MZC + architecture studio of Giuseppe Cangialosi, Mario Marchetti, Fabio Zampiero, specialized in the enhancement and redevelopment of historical-architectural heritage and interior design, took care of the redevelopment project; Pesce Costruzioni of Venice and Giorgio Rigo Costruzioni of Zero Branco collaborated on the building of the structure.

The unique detail that characterises the house is the sculpted stone effect, recreated on the facade of the building through the glazing technique and through an experimental use of the external cladding,which alternates a play of solids and voids, of setbacks and of inclined planes.

Which Impronta products were chosen?

Compact, the stabilized laminated wood frames with external aluminum cladding and the Xtravision Plus sliding doors from the Minimal collection. These two solutions fit perfectly within the project, combining aesthetics, functionality and sustainability and facilitating the dialogue between the interior and exterior of the structure.

Photography — Marco Zanta

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