Casa di campagna

Concept del progetto

Project: Arch. Dario Scanavacca
Material: Wood / Aluminum - Aluminum

A country house with modern character, immersed in the rural landscape of the green hills that surround the city of Bassano del Grappa.

The building consists of two volumes (as a layer) and a swimming pool, three elements arranged in a “U” shape that give shape to the raised private courtyard from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the surrounding environment.

The project was conceived and implemented by the studio of architect Dario Scanavacca who, over the years, has dealt with numerous architectural works, ranging from the recovery of monumental assets, to the design of residential and industrial buildings, to interior design.

The two volumes of the house, separated from each other by a flat roof element that gives formal unity to the entire structure, are spread over two slightly staggered floors. The building to the north houses the living area, while the one to the west is the sleeping area. The load-bearing walls consist of a solid wood frame with a “joist” system, filled with cellulose fiber and counter-vented with gypsum-fiber panels.

The external façade uses the ventilated wall system in solid larch wood which guarantees significant energy savings, acoustic improvement and protection from atmospheric agents. The heating and cooling of the home are obtained through an air-to-air heat pump, which exploits the horizontal geothermal system, significantly lowering management costs, in combination with a photovoltaic and solar thermal system.

For the north and west fronts of the villa, characterized by a more introspective character and smaller windows, Duoxima wood and aluminum windows were chosen. Positioned at different heights, they allow natural lighting of the rooms, guarantee privacy and protect the house from the prevailing winds in the north and summer overheating in the west.

Particular attention was also paid to the large south-facing window, made with Xtravision Plus sliding fixtures, characterized by a very thin aluminum profile and with low-emissivity glass. The solar contribution of the windows in winter guarantees a comfortable atmosphere in the living area; in summer, on the other hand, a system of external filtering curtains protects the interiors from excessive solar radiation.

The large glass surface opens onto the landscape and creates continuity between inside and outside, strengthening the building’s bond with the garden and the surrounding environment.