Impronta essences – Red Grandis

It is said to be “the most important part of something”, its substance. In philosophy, what a thing is is what it is.

That’s why the essence for Impronta has a fundamental value: it distinguishes the peculiarities of wood, both in appearance and use and allows us to design versatile and customized realizations. The importance of wood in the production of frames is therefore a central criterion because the choice of the essence corresponds to a certain finish and a well-defined aesthetic line.

Of the Eucalyptus family, native to Australia, the Red Grandis is mainly cultivated in the areas of South America, with trees reaching heights of 50 meters, but can also reach 80. Harvested after about 20-25 years of growth, the tree can reach up to 250 cm in diameter. Its particular color catches the attention, ranging from almost white to light pink or dark red.

Its specific weight is 575 kg/mc, which makes it easy to work, and has a coefficient of thermal transmission of 0.13 W/mk, which ensures excellent thermal performance. It resists well to the action of insects and is therefore a material that is also suitable for outdoor use.

Natural beauty, excellent insulation, long-lasting and expression of a welcoming and precious aesthetic, this essence lends itself well to the realization of Impronta windows, a company that has its origins in woodworking.

With the Red Grandis, there are considerable advantages to the design of a living solution. An essence with unique characteristics, including:

  • Versatility
  • Ease of processing and modeling
  • 100% FSC certified®
  • Absolute aesthetics
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Resistant to dents and scratches

At Impronta, we choose materials with care and dedication, to be the expression of our customers’ projects but also the opportunity for a sustainable choice for our planet.

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